Who can benefit from UTT Pro?

Who can get the most out of UTT Pro:

  • musicians
  • solo / duo / trio performers
  • small bands
  • light-sound personnel
  • music-ministry pastors
  • anyone who doesn’t want to pay more money for the same or lesser capability

Use UTT Pro Song/Lyrics Library and Lighting/Effects Controller to:

  • put your entire  song and lyrics libraries at your fingertips
  • play your backup tracks (if you’re using them)
  • auto load, show, and scroll lyrics for that song
  • select songs/lyrics on-the-fly
  • easily organize your songs in sets that automatically sequence while allowing you to control the pace
  • add sophisticated automated synchronized DMX stage lighting control to your performance
  • add automated / synchronized MIDI effects control to your performance

Controller, Songbook, and PRO are designed specifically for use on stage in live performance:

  • customizable display makes UTT Pro easy-to-read close up or at a distance
  • only commonly-used or necessary functions are displayed to minimize screen clutter
  • minimize gestures necessary to interact with program
  • one-button control so that the technology doesn’t distract you on-stage
  • Small investment, big return.  UTT Pro helps small acts put on a big show.

See for yourself how easy UTT programs are to use!  Download the trial version, and play with it awhile!