UTT Songbook

The Songbook is the music librarian / player part of UTT PRO, without the DMX control or MIDI control functions.

Songbook  gives you two easy-to-use interfaces to play all your audio files and display lyrics:

[ SONGS ] page for quick one-song-at-a-time song selection:


If you’re using this on-stage, you can quickly control the number of rows and columns and the size of the font in order to create a low-clutter display that can be comfortably viewed at any distance.

On-stage or in your home, a convenient continuous-play button turns the [ SONGS ] page into a random-play, no-repeat jukebox.  In one compact, easy-to-use device, your entire music collection is at your fingertips.


[ SETS ] page for easily creating lists of songs that sequence automatically for more structured performances.  Low-clutter display for minimal distractions for on-stage use:



The [ LYRIX ] page works closely with the SONGS and SETS page.  The information on the LYRIX page doesn’t have to be lyrics for the song, of course.  Could be chord charts, notes about the song’s history or its composer, any useful / relevant information associated with a particular song.  The tight interaction between the SONGS / SETS pages and the LYRIX page is an excellent practice / rehearsal tool:


The lyrics page scrolls automatically whenever there is more than one page of information in the lyrics display.

Pro & Songbook can automatically switch to the lyrics page when the song is started, and will automatically return to the SONGS or SETS page when the song ends.

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