UTT Controller

The Controller provides the DMX Controller and MIDI Effects Controller functions of UTT Pro, without the music librarian / player functions.

There is no lower cost way to add DMX stage lighting and MIDI FX device control to your small act!

  • designed for on-stage use in live performance
  • compact form factor (various size tablet computers)
  • optimized for touchscreens
  • optimized for use with the lowest-cost Windows tablets available (< $70)
  • clean / uncluttered user interface, minimum distraction when using on-stage
  • live-performance functions are all single-button operation
  • unlimited scenes
  • 32 light presets
  • each preset can be set to any scene number
  • use functions built into the light devices themselves to create a wide variety of lighting effects
  • 8 FX presets per FX device, easily selectable
  • uses the best of the common low-cost reliable DMX interfaces: