That’s not all it does…

UTT Songbook Pro has two user interfaces, depending on what kind of show you’re running:

SONGS for on-the-fly, request-based song selection

The interface has one purpose: to help you find your next song quickly. Since it’s designed to be used real-time, on-stage, anything that slows you down distracts from the smooth flow of the performance, the continuity of mood. The interface strips it down to the smallest amount of useful information that will get you there.

SETS for more pre-planned / automated performances

Onstage, the interface allows you to control the pace, from full automatic with programmed delays, to a load-and-pause mode that automatically cues up the next event, but waits for you to activate it with the single push of a button.

Of course, that’s not all UTT Songbook Pro does:

Go to the LYRIX page, and you can store and retrieve all the lyrics of all your songs. You can conveniently look them up online right from the Songbook, or point to a folder where you normally have all your lyrics saved. The lyrix will load with the song, and one button will tell Songbook to go to the LYRIX page at the beginning of a song, and return to the song selection page at the end.

And that’s not all that UTT Songbook Pro does:

Go to the MAN page, and you can manually control your stage lighting system and vocal and instrumental effects devices. Even under manual control, the interface is quick and easy to use on stage. There are 32 lighting presets and 8 FX presets handling multiple devices to add some variety to your performance without having to use busy footswitch boards or separate controllers. Your controller is compact, efficient, right there on your mic stand.

That’s not all that UTT Songbook Pro does:

Go to the AUTO page, and you have a way to synchronize and automate your stage lighting and effects controls with your backup tracks. With UTT Songbook Pro as your on-stage assistant, you can focus completely on your performance and your interaction with the audience, while Pro tells your lights and effects what to do and when to do it. Even if just turning on your lights at the beginning of a song, and turning them off at the end, you’ll look better, sound better. And get more gigs.

That’s not all that UTT Songbook Pro does:

Even if you don’t use backup tracks, the SETUPS function in UTT Songbook Pro makes it easy to add simple, effective lighting / FX control to your performance. A SETUP can store a lyrics file, a lighting scene, and a set of effects changes under user-friendly names. There’s no limit as to how many SETUPS you can create. Thereafter, you can activate these through the SONGS and SETS interface. With the flexibility to configure the SONGS interface with any number of rows and columns, SONGBOOK becomes a single-button touchpad controller with hundreds of presets.

Even without using Songbook’s automation and synchronization features, Songbook still provides an easy way to control your lights / effects on stage.