Q:  What is a DMX universe?

A DMX “universe” is a collection of 512 channels / addresses.  A lighting device can use as many as 30 channels or more, but typical devices don’t need or use more than 3-15 channels.  The total number of lighting devices that can be controlled by a single universe  depends on how many channels each device needs.  For example, a single universe of 512 channels can control up to 73 7-channel devices (73 * 7 = 511) while retaining individual control over each device.  Multiple (usually identical) devices can be controlled by the same range of channels, and this can increase the number of devices in the whole system.  Systems containing only 16-32 devices can produce very advanced lighting displays, so you can usually put more than enough devices in a single universe to satisfy demanding lighting control situations.

Please see DMX Primer to learn more…

Q:  How many DMX universes does Songbook Pro support?

Right now, just one.

Q:  What DMX interfaces can be used with Songbook Pro?

Q:  What MIDI devices can be used with Songbook Pro?

Most effects devices are MIDI/USB controlled, so will work with Songbook Pro.