Why UTTPro?

My live performance setup includes a large number of mp3 backup tracks which I record myself, and to which I add live guitar and vocals.

A few years ago, I upgraded my live performance setup to incorporate the latest technology in stage lighting, effects, and music playback devices.  I couldn’t find a low-cost combination of tablet and software that had the features or interface I needed to efficiently operate my show.

So I created a program that would:

  • run on low-cost touchscreen tablet computers
  • keep track of my entire live performance playlist, music library, and lyrics library
  • play my backing tracks
  • scroll the lyrics when necessary
  • control stage lighting synchronized with the music so I wouldn’t need footswitches or manual dedicated lighting controllers
  • control all my effects devices for both guitar and vocals, eliminating the need for footswitches
  • be exceptionally easy / intuitive to use
  • permit user to customize the look of the display
  • be mostly invisible; i.e., not be a distraction itself
  • be as close to one-button operation as possible

I know I’m not the only one using this kind of setup out there.  I thought others might benefit from this program as well.

The result of this development effort is UTTPro — a program designed to enhance your  performance.

UTTPro will help your small act put on a big show!


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